Wheel Throwing Basics


An excellent way to start practicing pottery, this course will enable you to learn the basics of wheel throwing in detail.

It's a four-week session with a two-and-a-half-hour weekly class. You'll receive 2.5 kg of your choice of clay, and the glazing and firing will be done for our team. All tools are provided by the workshop.

During this session, you will learn how to wedge your clay, center it on the wheel, understand the position of your hands in the clay, throw, cut your piece in half and recycle it. You will be using recycled clay the first two weeks and then you'll start making the pieces that you will take home.  A short trimming demo will be given at the end of the course to get you off to a good start in the 6-week courses.

Schedule for April 2024:

  • Monday with Mario

    Please read the workshop guidelines and rules before your first session. Refunds are only possible if you cancel at least 7 days before your first session, and you will be charged a $75 cancellation fee.