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Workshop instructions and rules

At Cône10, our goal is to offer you a place where you can discover the joy of creating with clay. We offer classes for all skill levels. Whether you come for a single class or a full session, it is important to apply the following workshop instructions and rules:

  • Be respectful of everyone and their space;
  • Never touch the work or tools of others without their consent;
  • Inform workshop personnel of any broken equipment or parts (or any problem);
  • Make good use of workshop materials, do not waste or abuse them;
  • Put your cell phone on vibrate and take calls outside discreetly.


Make sure you wear comfortable clothes that can get dirty! Loose clothing that could accidentally get caught in running machines should be avoided, as should long, untied hair. Bring your own apron you can also buy one from our studio at reception.

During the winter, the boots will be placed in a designated location. Bring comfortable indoor shoes that you can get dirty without any problem.

Workshop space

Working on the wheel, handbuilding, glazing or cleaning your tools, it is important to be aware of the space you occupy. Thank you for sharing the space with others.

Visitors' reception

Permission to bring a guest to the workshop must be granted in advance. Ensure that this person respects the instructions and rules in place.

Label and sign your work

Be sure to sign your work with its shelf number, to prevent pieces from being lost. Those not numbered will not be fired. Use a pencil or an appropriate tool to sign them. Use clear and sufficiently marked handwriting. A stamp can also be used to sign your full name.


No one may enter the kiln room. The designated teachers are solely responsible for loading, unloading and lighting the kilns.

Dust in the workshop

Clay dust is very dangerous when inhaled. Studio floors are cleaned regularly to prevent dust accumulation. An effective air purifier is used, but the steps below will also be followed to ensure dust levels remain low:

  • Wipe your work area regularly to remove dirt.
  • Once finished with the tiles and batts, clean them with a damp sponge to remove clay residue. Never put them directly under running water.
  • Do not sand dry or fired pieces inside the studio; do it outside. In very cold weather, it will be possible to do this in the sinks, first using a sponge to moisten your piece which limits dust.


Cleaning is necessary after each lesson:

  • Stop working on your pieces 30 minutes before the end of class.
  • Any clay accumulated in the splash pans will need to be put into the appropriate recycling bucket with the water that has also accumulated there.
  • Rinse the wheels, tools, boards and your hands in the bucket of water, then rinse them in the sink so that no pieces of clay fall out and clog the pipes.
  • Wipe the tables and tiles properly using large sponges. Do this until the area is clean as you would like to see it when you arrive.
  • If you have soiled the floor, wipe it with the mop and let it dry.
  • Return all the tools you used during the course to the workstation or their original place.
  • Do not leave tools or equipment in the sink.
  • Rinse the cloths well and hang to dry. Do not leave traces of clay on it.
  • Please help us stay green and recycle clay, paper, cans, glass, etc.
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