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Our Team

Mario Ruy

The therapeutic effect of the magical bond between clay and potter never ceases to fascinate Mario Ruy.  Born in Mexico City, Mario became a ceramist by attending the Taller Experimental de Ceramica de Coyoacan to study with master ceramist Alberto Diaz de Cossio. He learned on a wheel that uses leg strength, just as early pottery turners did. Based in Montreal since 2018, Mario has become a full-time ceramist. Director of Atelier Cône10, he creates his own works and shares his passion by giving courses for all levels.  Mario continues his research into glazes, not only for his own works, but also to help the artistic community diversify the variety of possible colors and textures. His works are generally made with clay and high-temperature glazes (cone 10) to create unique effects that only temperatures above 1285 ˚C can produce. Previously a professional dancer, Mario has transferred his artistic skills and teaching methods to pottery: now he dances with his hands!
Mario Ruy

Helena Liang

Helena Liang is a multidisciplinary artist with a background in interior design and a Virgo moon. Her love of natural materials and finishes led her to clay. So, after experiencing the therapeutic effects of the repetitive movements of this practice, Helena realized she had embarked on a long journey. Her approach fuses the functional with the sculptural, where she plays with multifunctional, biophilic solutions to soothe and respond to our needs and evolving realities. Helena will be delighted to guide you in new ways of exploring your creativity, whatever your level. 

Jeff Mann

Jeff Mann is a multidisciplinary artist who draws on his background in the visual arts to develop his work with clay. Interested in the joy of natural materials, conscious repetition and craft as embodied practice, his work with clay ranges from video animation to sculpture to functional objects. Jeff is interested in the intersection between available means of realization and the natural world. He sees the ancient relationship between the human body and clay as an important means of opening up to the world and anchoring himself in an age disconnected from nature. Some of his greatest joys in life come from passing on the craft and helping others in their creative endeavours.

Meriel Bond

Originally from small-town Manitoba, it was in 2018 that Meriel immersed herself in clay. She discovered its benefits for mind, body and soul. It's the physical aspect of creating by hand that stimulates her most. You'll often find her hands elbow-deep in recycled clay, stirring and sifting glazes, or loading and unloading kilns.  Her creations are inspired by the form and function of mid-twentieth-century Scandinavian design, as well as the colors and ornamentation of the Art Deco period. Her intention is to offer singular pieces in porcelain stoneware, evoking comforting people, places and times. Meriel has worked on ceramic mosaics. She has transposed the work of artists into ceramic tile frescoes, using different glazing techniques and textures.

Tara Dougans

Tara Dougans is Tiohtià:ke / Montreal-based artist whose sculpture and facilitation work considers silent-level sensing through touch. Drawing from a both visual and contemplative arts background, supported by a strong somatic focus, they are interested in clay's capacity to create non-linear opportunities for process, play, body awareness and collective listening. Form forming form – a convergence of poetry and physicality. 

Inès Abou Zeid

With a curious mind, Ines is specializing in art history at McGill University. She is particularly interested in postcolonial and feminist subjects and methodologies. A native of Geneva, Ines graduated with honors from a Swiss Maturité program in art history and visual arts. A few years ago, she began her pottery journey, in which she found her two passions combined: yoga and the arts. Pottery allows her to calm the fluctuations of her mind - the definition of yoga, according to Patanjali's Yoga Sutras - while immersing herself in a creative process that has always been part of her life. You'll find her at the studio making pottery, teaching workshops, coaching independent practices and open studios, getting to know you and making you laugh!
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