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Cone10 - Our Story

The story began in Mexico, where we searched to answer our curiosity about how glazes were made in traditional Japanese ceramics. We studied glaze developement at the Taller de Cerámica Experimental Coyoacán with master ceramist Alberto Diaz de Cossio, who worked with Japanese artists, such as Shusaku Nagasue, for many years. Alberto not only taught us his glaze development technique, but above all he shared his passion. Since then, we have continued to explore the fantastic potential of high temperature glazes. Some of our works are in fact fired at a temperature of 1285 ˚C, which is generally called cone 10 firing.

Our pottery exploration began with a kick wheel, the traditional method of throwing. We slowly discovered that this ancient art could be more than just a way to make a piece it is a creative way to express yourself and discover new things about yourself.

Our journey continues in the heart of Montreal, on the sunny side of Saint-Denis Street. We develop unique glazes there and, by opening this workshop, people and their cultures meet through the practice and appreciation of ceramics. Together we learn to create shapes, textures and colours that manifest what words cannot express.

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